Become A Community Partner & Sponsors:

Join the Urban Advocates an Achievers as a Community Partner and Sponsor to support the vital work we provide for students and families in the areas of Equity in Education, Special Education services, Family Academy, Tutoring, Life Skill Mentors, the Urban Arts Initiative, Healthy Bodies, Mind and Soul as well as the Reservation for College Community Program.
The UAA greatly appreciates the financial commitments and support from our Community Partners and Sponsors each year to support and helps students in Pre-K through 12th grade, at risk youth, college students, and families in the Sacramento Promise Zone and Sacramento Areas.

Contact us at (916) 644-2994 

Community Partner and Sponsor levels

$50,000 - Supports the Urban Arts Initiative Program.
$50,000 - Supports the Healthy/Minds/Bodies/Soul Workshops.
$100,000 - Supports the UAA Sacramento NSBE Jr Chapter to help students learn about STEM/STEAM.
$100,000 - Supports the Family Academy Program
$150,000 - Supports the Tutoring Program
$250,000 - Supports the Student Achiever Resource Program
$500,000 - Supports the campaign for the Reservation for College Community Program.