Examples of how donations are put into action at the UAA:

$25 – Campaign for “Equity and Advocacy In Education” for students in the achievement gap and special education.

$50 – Provides a Life Skills Mentor for 2 students. 

$75  – Allows two tutoring sessions per student.

$100 – Ensures the creation of  10 Student & Parent information and resource compacts.
$150 – Provides one Education Advocate per Family.
$200 – Ensures 10 Parents receive Advocacy Training. 
$250 – Ensures 20 Families receive resource information at Healthy, Mind, Body and Soul workshops.
$375 – Ensures 6 students participate in 2 week Arts Initiative Program.
$500 –  Provides training for 20 UAA Volunteers and Staff.

 $2,500 – Supports the Advocacy Network Resource Program.

"Smart Giving"

Join us in finding creating an Equitable Educational Experience while eliminating the Achievement Gap in our society. You can be part of making a difference by including the Urban Advocates and Achievers in your philanthropic plan. There are several gift arrangements to choose from.

Whether you would like to put your donation to work today or benefit us after your lifetime, you can find a charitable plan that lets you provide for your family and support the Urban Advocates and Achievers.

To learn more about “Smart Giving” call us at: (916) 644-2994 or email us at:

UAA Smart Giving